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Money often brings to mind that popular Adekunle Gold’s song-translation for those of  who don’t understand Yoruba: “Baba God , I too want to buy Range o, Dangote does not have two heads, na beg I dey beg o .

That’s how we feel when we think of old men who’ve worked their whole lives to acquire their wealth. So please, imagine how we felt when we found out a 25 year old just inherited 9 BILLION POUNDS. YES, POUNDS STERLING!


duke of westminister


So it was reported that the third richest man in Britain, Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, The Duke of Westminster, died yesterday at the age of 60 from a sudden heart attack and the man left his title as well as a whopping sum of 9 billion pounds to his first son  25 year- old Hugh Richard Louis Grosvenor.

Be still my beating heart…

The Duke, Gerald Grosvenor is the richest property developer in London and before his demise Gerald was the 6th Duke of Westminster putting his son in next in line for the position. At this point peeps be like ‘Kmt…and which one is my own father now doing?’


25 billionaire


Now about the hot rich heir- he is the third born of four kids, the only son of the former Duke and currently serves as an account manager at a bio-bean green energy company. He is also Prince George’s godfather. Prince George as in the one day future King of England, Prince George. It’s true what they say I guess, rich birds of the same rich feathers have to flock richly together to keep all the awesomeness flowing.

Well at this point we can only pray to God to make us rich so that us too we can drop this kind of major money for our own children.



Written by Kike Olowu

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