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Written by Clement Oluwasegun

Hollywood rapper 2 Chainz opened a nail salon for pretty girls who like trap music.

This was inspired by his just released album titled Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.

The named Trap Salon is in partnership with music streaming site Spotify.

According to The Source, this strategic partnership took place at the Sugarcoat Nail & Beauty Barin, Atlanta, Georgia.

To show appreciation to his fans for their support, 2chainz had free nails done for his fans.

The Trap Salon, which had a five nail set design, each named after a track on his album, ‘Good Drank’, ‘Big Amount’, ‘Blue Cheese‘, ‘4 AM‘, and ‘Burglar Bars‘  was very well received and was said to be a refreshing and smart marketing idea for his new album, as analysed by The Beat-STL.

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