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Written by Tochi

It is evident that books are still a vital part of today’s world but who wants to spend time reading countless books? Worry not, we’ve handpicked 3 books that are a must-read for everyone that is trying to think deeper about their lives and change it:

Robert Greene: THE 48 LAWS OF POWER

A detailed book all about taking back your life from others and back into your own hands. This book empowers you to have control over your own life, which is vital for every human being. It is easy to allow ourselves to be push overs for our parents, siblings and friends, but taking ack your life is the first step towards success. You have to be able to do things on your own terms. This is what Robert Greene wants you to know.


R.H. Sin: Whiskey Words & a Shovel I, II and III

The compilation of poems is all about going through and overcoming hardships in life. These books will help you through your worst days as well as your best.

Don Miguel Ruiz: The Four Agreements

As quoted on the cover itself, “A practical guide to personal freedom.” The four agreements, which is based on ancient Toltec wisdom, can be used not only for helping to develop yourself into your best self, but it can also prepare you for a relationship in which you can be free and be your true self at the same time.

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