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So there have been some hot tracks this week, and for the love of music, here are 3 songs that you must bump to through the weekend to get amped up, chill out, and to just ride with the flow. 1 pop, 1 Hot Naija, and one hiphop freestyle. Let’s go

Lady Gaga is back. This Perfect Illusion for the pop lovers to whip hair and wave fingers to.


Zoro, the rap wolf of the east is at it again and he comes this time with Phyno on Achikolo. This is one for the aux cord when you and your squad are en route to the turn up.


In hiphop, Nicki came flaming with that hot new The Pink Print Freestyle.

Here’s a hot bar to warm you up for the rest of the barrage of tight rhymes.

Bars for years n***as thought I did a bid,

I’m dragging these H*es like Harambe did the kid.