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By Sarah Oyedo

We all know there’s always this one day we wake up to realize we don’t have the strength for makeup. From a crazy previous day at work, to waking up late, to exams looming in school and no time for the pimping and priming before a mirror – plus you’ve got better things to worry about than your eyeshadow blending aright or you just can’t deal at the moment! Anything can bring on a lazy makeup day. But hol’up! Before you rush out the door with your face bland, crusty and appearing a tad sickly, you can use these simple hacks to achieve effortless beauty and still retain an au naturel look.


Eye Brows: I’m sorry, these cannot go. They lift your face and give it structure and conceal the fact that you’re barely wearing any makeup. Just filling and highlighting those slant beauties and you’re right for the road.

Facial Moisturizer: This will give your face a healthy sheen and soft look as most moisturizers come with SPF thus taking away flakiness that’s associated with stress.

Lip Gloss: On a lazy makeup day, lip gloss is your friend. You could even be experimental and try out toned down shades like dusty pink and cherry colored ones, giving your lips some love.
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See? Barely any stress at all and no one is any wiser. Have a fun week!

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