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By Sarah Oyedo

He’s looking at you weirdly, his eyes fixated on your chin. You like to think he’s looking longingly at your lips but the lie holds not; he’s definitely looking at your stubby sprouts… *covers chin copiously*

Facial hair is one of the many problems ladies have to deal with and unlike pores and a little acne, this has the ability to do major damage to your confidence.

Many people opt for different options to get rid of hair like waxing which gets 98% of the hair out but painfully, to shaving with razor or cream, laser burning and sometimes bleaching. But alas, except laser burning, which is super expensive and painful, none of them offer permanent solutions. Alors voila! We bring you 3 permanent ways you can get rid of your sprouts naturally.


Turmeric Mask:  Turmeric is great for your skin and works excellently well in curbing stubborn facial hair. Mix turmeric in a bowl with water to make a paste. Apply on where you’ve excess facial hair and leave on for a few minutes. After it dries, use cloth dipped in warm water to wipe off turmeric and the hair. Do this a few times in a month to achieve smooth face.

Egg Mask: For egg mask, pour egg white (minus yolk) in bowl. Add corn flour and whisk until they’re both blended smoothly together. Apply paste to unwanted facial hair. Once dry, pull it off slowly but firmly. This may be somewhat painful but the result will be most definitely worth it.

Papaya: Papaya contains papain, an enzyme that breaks down hair follicles, preventing it from re-growing more hair. Mash some papaya into a bow using a spoon or for. Add half a teaspoon of turmeric and make a thick paste. Apply paste on facial hair and allow to sit for 15mins before washing off with warm water. Repeat process once every two weeks and see your hair disappear on its own.

…And don’t forget to share results with us when you do try them.

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