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You may not presently be what or where you want to be. Mind you, this has nothing to do with whether you have millions in your account or not. Sometimes, it is just the need to change what you are doing or how you are doing what you are doing. It may be a habit, or lifestyle you should abdicate. If you are serious about changing or upgrading your life, here are 3 questions you should ask yourself to help you on your road to change:

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The first decision you have to make today is deciding to change which is very difficult. You have to identify what you really want to change and what you want to change from. It may be that you have been smoking and drinking for years and you want to stop. If you do not make that firm decision to quit, you may never stop. What should spur you to change is that the sacrifice you are making will have a positive impact in your life.

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2. Where are you going?

If you don’t know where you are going, you will get lost on the highway of life. For some people, if they find their way, they know within themselves they are not on the right path. This is why certain people in high places leave enviable jobs to pursue their real passion.  It is never too late to re-route your car to your desired direction.

3. Who are you?

Who are you? Are you living the lives of others? Are you swayed by what people say about you? Besides not knowing where you are going, quite a number of us do not know who they are. Knowing who you are means you are independent minded, you do not allow others to sway you like a yo-yo and you do not chicken out when you are confronted with life issues. Take a few days to discover yourself, it will go a long way in changing everything about you.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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