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My friends and I talk about the most random things, but, as with most groups of friends, conversations about love and relationships, are in the top cadre. Recently, one of us met someone that she is totally swooning over. You should have seen us being giggly, like high school girls.

In all that excitement and girliness, we got into talking about how we love and how people around us can tell when we are in love. We talked about the signs, the little details that get misinterpreted and the ones that have true meaning. We swapped stories of times we thought we were in love and things that made us realize we weren’t; and then we talked about the times we certainly were.

After the conversation, I went through out chat again and was able to draw out 3 things that were consistent with all of us – the 3 signs of being positively in love.

  • You want to share:

Your time, your stories, your past, your dream, you pain; everything. You lose shame and pride; your inhibitions break and you just want to share everything.

  • You see the best:

Like literally, this person is the apple of your eye and with this apple, every bite is as good as the first, as far as you are concerned. You see the best in this person, even when they make mistakes. You take their ridiculous dreams and ambitions and you see it clearly, sometimes, even painting it with more color. You see the best in them.

  • You protect:

Your inner Voltron finds its way out. Your have a sword to the throat of any living thing that threatens their image, reputation and peace of mind. You are a ready adversary to anyone, that so much as looks at them in a troubling way. You defend them like you would defend yourself, sometimes even more.
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When you know they have erred, you defend them still and then chastise them in private.

An Aside

If your love doesn’t show these 3 signs, are you still in love? Well, yes…maybe. But I do dare say that you may not be Positively in love. ‘Positive’ being the active word here.

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