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The one thing I don’t joke with is my sleep; for the longest time I had problems falling asleep which led to me taking sleeping pills which I then became addicted to (and that is why I totally do not recommend). After stopping the the sleeping pills (oh and that was hella difficult) I tried everything else to try to get a good sleep, nothing worked until I found out about sleeping apps. You know that wizardry that Instagram does where you text your friend something and all of a sudden you’re seeing it all over your time line? Yeah that was how I discovered sleeping apps, and my life has never remained the same (I’m not being dramatic). So if like me, you’re having difficulties sleeping, how about you try out one of these three sleeping apps below:



1. Relax Melodies

This is absolutely one of my favorite, simply because I get the opportunity to mix and match the sounds that I want to listen to when ready to sleep; makes me feel like a sleep DJ. With Relax Melodies you can decide if you’d like for the sounds and to play all night long or program them to turn off after a set amount of time.

2. Calm

Calm has the best sleep stories (including some narrated by Matthew McConaughey), soothing music, and guided lessons on gentle movements that will relax the body, honestly, Calm could be ultimate solution to your sleep problems, oh and it also helps with anxiety. Calm is technically free, but you’ll need a subscription to use it, but trust me, it’s totally worth it.

3. Head space

To help your mind relax, Headspace has created sleep packages including “sleepcasts” which are 45-to-50 minute stories  One of the major benefits of Headspace is that you can manipulate the speaker’s voice to be louder or softer than the background ambient sounds.

If you’re not interested in listening to stories, you could either listen to some sleep music or listen to “soundscapes” which are nature recordings from different places around the world


By: Dammy Eneli

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