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Our blood sugar level is very, very, super important. Careful attention must be paid to it as it can affect our weight, our emotions and our general existence on earth. It is also very important for those who suffer from diabetes to check day in and day out as there are high risks associated with high blood sugar levels such as an increased susceptibility to heart disease, strokes and obesity.

Our blood sugar levels spike after we consume foods with too many carbohydrates. Oh, you thought it was only caused by sugar alone? No, there are foods you thought were harmless that can actually do much damage. Here are 3 foods that spike your body sugar level.



If you knew the amount of starch stored in bread, you might actually physically run away from consuming it. Here is a summary of how your body digests bread- The starch gets broken down to glucose in the digestive tract and moves to the bloodstream. Your body insulin level and blood sugar level then spikes as the gladly welcome the additional glucose. So basically, try eating healthier meals than bread all the time.


Breakfast Cereals


Tbh, breakfast cereals are just coated with sugar, sugar and more sugar. With all the colourings and flavours, you can bet that there are lots of blood sugar spiking carbs going on inside each cute little pack of these cereals. Then, you add milk and sugar to make it more yummy as you eat (smh). You better start replacing them with oats.



I’m sure you are wondering what is coffee’s business in all of this. Once again let’s thank caffeine for this. Coffee has the high risk of making your blood level spike because it is PACKED with caffeine. This also applies to sodas and other carbonated drinks, green tea and also energy drinks.

This might feel like it’s too much to consume all at once, but the fact remains; you have to consume what’s right to have a long lasting life. So come on, eat better!

Written by Efe Ohworakpo

Image: www.balancingbrainchemistry.co.uk

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