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Covid-19 is spreading like wild fire and different theories about how to prevent it are also spreading.
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But the advice from the world health organization on how to protect yourself from Corona Virus is simple; stay home if you’re sick, don’t get too close to anyone who’s coughing or sneezing, wash your hands a lot, and stop touching your face so much. Did you hear that? Stop. Touching. Your. Face.  If you find that difficult to do, here are some tips to help you stop touching your face

1. Find other behaviors to do when you want to touch your face. 

This basically means, when you  have the urge to touch your face, you touch another part of your body instead, such as your arm, I know, it sounds easier than it looks. If that doesn’t work, enlist items or habits that enable you to touch your face but also reduce the risk of infection. For instance, carry tissues at all times so you can wipe away tears or catch a sneeze, use your knuckles to touch an elevator button instead of your finger, and use a paper towel to open a door instead of your hand, sounds like a lot of work but it really isn’t.

2. Identify your own personal face-touching triggers.

People touch their faces for lots of different reasons, for example, I touch my face because my acne bothers me (I’m even doing it right now, smh), and the first step to reducing your face-touching is identifying what part of your face you touch the most and why.  If like me, you touch your face because of acne, you need to keep reminding yourself that touching your face only makes it worse (hopefully i’ll take my own advice.)

3.Be mindful of just how much you touch your face throughout the day.

According to the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC), you probably touch your face around 23 times an hour- AN HOUR! I’m too lazy to do the mathematics of how many times a day that would be but I know it would be a lot. But I don’t blame you, face-touching is often subconscious behavior, which means people do it without even being aware of it. Being mindful of how many times you touch your face helps you to be more concious about touching yop

By: Dammy Eneli

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