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By Simi Ayeni

After working so hard for the end of year and A Levels, we always want to travel to relax and recharge. However it is hard to find places which are both affordable and fun so I’ve come up with 5 places in Europe which are just that!


  • Prague, Czech Republic– at the moment, Prague has more tourists than it has ever had. I mean, surely there’s a reason for this. Firstly its very picturesque due to the fact that since A.D. 870, it has resisted invasions, floods, fires therefore Prague’s beauty has been preserved. Some of its famous tourist attractions include the Charles bridge and the Prague castle which offer free admission. Additionally, the hotels there can cost less than half of those of other European countries. For food, you can easily get a good meal for 5-7 euros and during a low season, a hotel could cost 10 euros a day.


  • Poland– if you are an outdoor-lover and nightlife lover Poland is the place for you! It’s a great place to go camping or hiking and one place you can do that is the Tatra mountains. If you want to visit multiple cities, Warsaw and Krakow are very close by train. It will only cost 14-18 USD and food will be about 5-10 USD per day


  • Hungary– although it is a small country, it has a lot of tradition and deep culture and in terms of agriculture, it has a unique feel and appearance due to its mix of culture- Turkish, Roman, Hungarian cultures which make it even more necessary to visit. It has great landscapes and hills too, also authentic countryside flatlands which are full of nature and also great for taking pictures.

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