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These days, things have become really hectic and boring. Life can get so busy that you don’t have time to do anything for yourself; and when you do finally make time, you are left with nowhere to go that you have not gone before and nothing to do that won’t break the bank. But not to worry, there’s always a way out of every situation. That’s why today, we will be taking you through few easy steps you can relax with, while you creatively design your favourite hair wig and bring that craving look of yours to reality.


First, let’s make a list of things you will be needing for this amazing task ahead.
– Weaves
– Wig Cap
– Packs of Needle and Thread
– Scissors
– Hair Glue (optional)
– Mannequin Heads
– Hair Brush and Comb Sets
– Hair Moisturizer and Creams
– Hair Straightener and Curling Tools


Weaves: After knowing the look you want to create, it’s important to get the weave ready. This serves as the major element in carrying out this activity.

wig cap

Wig Cap: Once you have your mannequin head, the wig cap is the fabric you fix your weave on, while styling out the look you desire.

needles threads

Packs Of Needle and Thread: Another important set of items needed in carrying out this task is having adequate needle and thread (black thread, preferably) available. This is used in sewing the weaves to the wig cap.


Scissors: Having a pair of scissors is another item required, as this is used in shaping and cutting out rough edges and styling your hair.


Hair Glue: When making your wigs, this element is absolutely optional as it totally depends on the kind of look you intend on creating.


Mannequin Heads: This is the material used in place of the human-head where the wig cap is placed before attaching the weave on the cap. This helps in making the work easier. Although, some people use other people’s head but while trying this out on your own, it’s always advisable to use a mannequin head.


Hair Brush and Comb Sets: It’s important you make your hair brush and combs your best friends as you will need these every moment of the task. It helps make the work look more presentable and smooth.


Hair Moisturizer and Creams: Having your moisturizers and creams right beside you is vital, especially when the wig is ready. This supplement brings a fresh and better look to the hair.


Hair Straightener and Curling Tools: This helps the finishing of the work, depending on what style you want to create. The straightener is basically for straightening and giving the hair a sleek look while the curling tools help in adding waves and curls to the weaves.

Written by Obiajunwa Ugochi

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