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Quite a number of people think botty is an abusive word. No way! It is actually a compliment. You should go do thanksgiving in church on Sunday if your friends refer to you as a botty. However, before you allow the botty euphoria get into your head, make sure that they are not flattering you. By the way, you don’t need to ask them, here are ways to identify or know a botty child. You should know the meaning of botty after reading. Yes or No?

rich kid

1 They don’t know how to speak their local language

botty child is too stylish or classy to speak Yoruba, Hausa or Igbo. If you ask them, ‘can you speak your mother tongue?’ The response is ‘I cannot speak but I can understand.’ It is not their fault though, their parents don’t communicate in these local languages with them.

  1. They don’t know anywhere on the Mainland

You will be shocked that some young people don’t know anywhere on the Mainland. The perception is that the wealthy ones reside in Banana Island, Victoria Island, and Ikoyi while the fairly rich or the middle class reside on the Mainland: Yaba, Ikeja, and Surulere (you can imagine). So since they are always driven around, the only places they are likely to know are on the Island. By the way, this is a big myth and more often than not, it is a fake life, but what’s our business?

  1. Their parents are very rich

There is no way you can be tagged a botty without having wealthy parents. Although some people may say they are botty but they are always busted because they can’t maintain that high life.


They have never entered danfo

You will be even lucky if they even know the meaning of danfo. Danfos are the Yellow commercial buses that convey passengers to different bus stops in Lagos. It is either they drive themselves to wherever they are going or they take a taxi or Ryno. They have no business with Danfo. They are too rough and reckless for a botty child.

  1. They are usually carefree

Since their parents are wealthy, some botty children are carefree and don’t take anything seriously. They frequent nightclubs, bars and other places of fun where they spend stupendous amounts. They are not concerned. Mind you, it is not all of them.

  1. They are the ladies man

botty young man will always have girls swarming around him like bees. This makes him a #YorubaDemon. If he breaks a girl’s heart today, before the next few hours, he has another.

So are you a botty or pako? Take your pick… *sips wine*

Written by Damilola Faustino

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