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Danfos are the pariah Volkswagen commercial buses painted yellow, the official colour of Lagos State. They are always on the road for nearly 24 hours every day. For Lagosians who are yet to own cars, the danfo is an effective way to move around the ever busy and bustling state. Besides, if you are always on Lagos roads, you would have noticed the shenanigans of these drivers which can be very frustrating and annoying.


Danfo drivers are very reckless

Danfos are self-acclaimed kings of Lagos roads. They are uncontrollably reckless when driving. They will never listen to the caution of anyone except that of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA). If the LASTMA officials are not on the highway, it’s a free-for-all. They will even tell you to take over the steering if you attempt to caution them.

They don’t respect anyone

Danfo drivers and conductors don’t respect anyone, not even the elderly. They address you with so much disrespect that you wish you will never board one again. It is even worse if you don’t have change. To avoid trouble, you should always have your correct change.

They can delay…

If you are in a hurry, you should completely avoid danfos because there is a very high possibility that you will miss that appointment. They will always stop to buy fuel, pick up passengers as well as stop to alight passengers.

Danfos are always dirty

There is no argument about this – danfos are always dirty. Only a handful of them clean their buses.

Indiscriminate fares hike

Whether there is a fuel hike or not, the fares of the danfos are always fluctuating. When they observe quite a number of people at the bus stop, they immediately hike transport fares. With a horrified façade, they either wave the danfos away or board it.

They are the major cause of traffic

Although everyone is culpable when it comes to Lagos traffic, the danfo drivers take a large percentage of the blame. They stop in the middle of the road indiscriminately without minding other road users. In fact, danfo drivers only think about themselves and how to make quick money. That’s all. So, you have to be extremely patient!

They fight over passengers

Conductors are the worst when they are calling you to enter their buses. Three conductors can almost tear you apart, because they want you to enter their own bus. Gosh!

Written by Damilola Faustino

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