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Many offices and individuals rely on Wi-Fi to get jobs done or to surf the internet. A slow or snail-like Wi-Fi will no doubt delay your work and it can be very frustrating. These are reasons why your Wi-Fi is very slow:


Poor location of router

The location of your Wi-Fi router has a role to play in slowing your Wi-Fi network. Your router should not be far away from whatever device you are using to surf the internet. The closer the devices, the better the reception. But, sometimes, you may have to upgrade your router.

You are connected to the wrong Wi-Fi

There are so many wireless networks on your phone or laptop that you don’t know the one to connect to. This may be because they have the same names. So, you just decided to connect your device with any available one. Unknown to you, the one you connected to may be very slow. If you don’t want to be in this situation, you should find out from colleagues the fastest wireless network.

There are devices interfering with your Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is very sensitive to its environment. If you have devices that could interfere with your network, you should either remove them or switch them off. For example, Bluetooth devices and microwave can affect the strength of your signal.

You overload Router

If so many people are connected to your router, it can affect the speed of your network. This is because the router cannot distribute the signal equally to the different users.

You installed incompatible software

This usually happens when you update or upgrade your Wi-Fi router but you forget to do same for your computer. So, whenever you update your router, you should also uninstall the one in your device. This is to ensure that the software is compatible and up-to-date.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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