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We can all relate to that annoying time that our chargers decide to seize work. When they get broken at the tip, or the rubber covering starts to break, or the charger simply does not send power to our phones anymore.


Chargers are essential to any device. Your device cannot operate optimally without its particular charger, if you are careless with it. Simply put, you cannot use your device without your charger. This is even more essential if you are using an original charger.

But if it gets damaged because you didn’t take good care of it, you will either keep borrowing chargers or spend your hard earned money purchasing chargers because there are so many counterfeit ones out there. We share Tips for taking care of the charger of any device.


surge protector

Use a surge protector

In Nigeria where power is yet to be stable, a power surge can happen anytime. If the surge happens often, it can damage not only your charger but also your device-laptop and phone. To be on a safe side, you should always use a surge protector.

Keep it cool

Extreme temperatures are not good for your battery. The temperature should be balanced. That is not too hot or not too cold.

charger head

Always unplug by the head

Perhaps you are feeling lazy that you find it difficult to stand, you just grab the charger by the cord to try to unplug it. When next you want to use, it may work but if this is done repeatedly the force can cause internal damage. So, don’t be surprised if your charger stops working.

Keep it tucked away

After using the charger, don’t just leave lying around the place. Pick it up and keep it in a safe place. If this not done, you can unintentionally damage the charger and it can even hurt you.

Keep it dry

You should always keep your charger away from water. You may be fond of charging your phone in the bathroom or kitchen so that you can be close to it. Water can spill on both your charger and your phone.
Written by Damilola Faustino

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