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We all have celebrity relationship goals that we admire, even if sometimes there is so much pride involved in admitting it.

More times, people end up looking up to Hollywood couples like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, Queen Bey and Jay Z among others. We need African celebrity couple crush and today, ours is AKA and Bonang.


There have been several rumours initially, about the breakup being a publicity stunt but who cares really?

Just look at them always slay together. How do people like this find each other? It almost makes you lose hope  of ever finding ‘the one’ if you have to look like them.


Being in the public eye all the time will have to take its toll on any relationship. The point is no one is perfect and even not being celebs, ordinary people face worse. The only great thing about it is that the media has no business with it. Let’s leave the foreign couples for a second and come home to Africa. There are many that can teach us a few things; the good, bad and ugly.

image source: OkMzansi.com, jacarandafm.com

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