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You have admired her from afar for so long that it has almost become an obsession. But why are you dulling? Why don’t you just approach her and pour your heart out? After all, she won’t beat you. If you are amongst guys who do not woo a girl because you don’t know if they are in a relationship, this post is for you. You can use these smart ideas to determine if a girl has a bae or not, without even asking her:


She talks about him all the time

This is quite simple and easy. If she talks about him all the time, she must be in love. She does this despite your interest in her. This may be as a result of the fact that she just considers you as a friend rather than a potential boyfriend.

Trick questions

Here you are trying to be smart by asking some basic questions that can help you determine if she is hooked. You can say you saw her and her boyfriend during the week or you can ask her what she is doing for the weekend. Depending on the response or reply, you can conclude whether to halt your advances or go ahead.



Find out from her friends

There is no way a girl will be in a relationship without her female friends being aware. They will know sha. Most times, they share these stories when they are gossiping. So, you can take advantage of this by simply posing the question: does your friend have a boyfriend. She may be sceptical at first but if you press further, she will definitely reveal the priceless information you need. However, be rest assured that she will tell her friend.

Check out her social media page 

Guys can do crazy things when they are in love. In this case, the crazy thing you can do is to become a social media detective. You stalk her page from Facebook to Instagram and Twitter. From any of these pages, you can get info about her relationship status. You can even find pictures of her guy.


Just Ask her out

This is perhaps the simplest and easiest way to know if she is in a relationship or not. So, summon the courage to ask her out. She may oblige you but you will get the hint that she is in a relationship.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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