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University of Lagos (UNILAG) was recently buzzing with a new event called The Grande Search.


The Grande Search is a reality game show that is set to empower minds, explore potentials, develop adaptive emotion regulation and self-awareness as well as to enhance creativity.


Originator of the bright idea, 300 level Mass Communication Department student of the University, Anita Ojieh brought it to life through Derinka Grande media house.


Anita said she was, as expected, way over her head for sure when she thought of the idea.


“Preparation was hectic, there were billion reasons to stop this show and go about my normal student life. I knew publicity was key so I decided to do a faculty photoshoot to arouse curiosity and awareness. Friends and family also made this dream become a reality and I am proud to have achieved one of my dreams and it was a hit,” she told Accelerate TV.



The Grande Search involved cracking riddles, mad – staking clues and challenging tasks.



The event kicked off with a grand opening by ‘Unique phenomenon’ dance crew and the hosts Tolani Kareem and Yewande Odesanya coming out in style.


The game began with the contestants segregated into a team of two’s looking for bottles for their next clue which led them to the audience and a whole lot of interesting elimination rounds.


The wining team consisted of Kayode Tosin (Tk) and Sodipe Olayinka (Olaristotle).

The spectacular show ended up basically as a platform to have fun, ensuring a sounding success.


Designer Christian Martina was also a sponsor of the event.

Written by Anita Ojieh

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