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iPhone is one of the most sophisticated smartphones out there. It needs no introduction. Of course, if we are all given the opportunity to use an iPhone, we will gladly do away with our Android phones. But, life is unfair. And like our parents always say all fingers are not equal. Eeyaa! In other words, not everyone will own an iPhone. However, there are some persons who want to buy it at all costs. It is not a do or die affair. If you are on the other side of any of these criteria, you can go ahead to buy it. If not, you better continue using your Android. More so, in this recession, you need to streamline how you spend money.

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You spend all your salary buying it

The latest iPhone 7 gold 12 GB costs N370,000. So, if you know what you earn is less than or slightly higher than the price, you don’t need it. Besides, even the fairly used iPhone, your take home may not cover the cost. You should ask yourself how you will survive the rest of the month if you spend your earnings on an iPhone.

You are not a woman

Women are special. Therefore don’t be surprised that a larger percentage of them are using the iPhone. The reason for this is that they have male partners that can buy it for them. In addition, some of them are less concerned about whether the person in question can afford it or not. Regardless, this doesn’t take anything away from women who can afford to buy it with their hard earned money. But if you are a man and you don’t see yourself earning enough to maintain a N350,000 phone, you might want to steer clear. Same goes for women who don’t have such high earning boyfriends. Seriously, it is not by force.

You don’t have money to buy data

What is the essence of using or buying an iPhone without preparing for the data expenses? In fact, you can be pardoned if you use your Android phone with data but not with iPhone. You know how data iPhone users are likely to buy data every two weeks. You can bypass this by using a Mi-Fi. If you can’t do any of this, it is better you quietly stay in your lane.

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You have lost more than two phones

If you buy a phone today and after two weeks, it is stolen or you cannot find it due to your own carelessness, you should not bother buying an iPhone. It automatically means that if you are not careful, your N370,000 iPhone Gold is likely to disappear after two weeks. If you have noticed this trend with you, just buy a simple phone. In addition, if you are careless, you may be repairing the screen of your phone week in, week out.

You are still in University

Yes we know, your parents can afford to buy an iPhone for you. But really, rather than asking your parents to buy iPhone for you, why don’t you use the money to set a small side hustle which can generate income for you? You will be building your own independence and with time you will afford to buy your own iPhone and securing your future.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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