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Sunday is the day Christians go to Church to serve God. Everyone, however, has their different styles in serving the Supreme Being. In Church, you will find different types of people. Some of them are not necessarily there to listen to the word of God while others are. So, whether you attend RCCG, COZA, Catholic Church, Deeper life or Baptist Church, they are always on ground in different shades and forms.

church dresser

The Fashionistas

These people dress to the nines. You cannot compete with their swag as they love to look good when they go to church. They sometimes go overboard that you begin to wonder if they are actually going to Church.


Just here for the girls.

They are the ones that go for the fashionistas. The reason they attend Church on Sundays is to woo girls. Beyond that, they have no business with whatever the Pastor has to say. Although, some may listen to the preaching but they are eyeing a beautiful belle they intend to approach after service. God is watching you.

sleeping in church

The sleepers

The sleepers are too busy to sleep at home. But since they don’t want to attract God’s anger by missing church to sleep, they attend service. In church, their heads dangle from left to right like a pendulum. They wake immediately the service ends. How convenient.


The prayer warriors

Their own is just to pray. They are the ones who speak in tongues and always in the spirit.

The praise dancers of the Apostolic Faith Church perform during the Family and Friends Day morning service.

The Dancers

The dancers show off their prolific dancing skills in church. The ladies throw their waist from left to right. As if this is not enough, they shoki, and dab for Jesus. Guys are also involved.


The Chargers

They don’t have electricity at home. Since there will be uninterrupted power in the church as a result of the standby generator, they come to church with all their home gadgets to charge. You will not see them in church if they have power in their houses.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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