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The last Mayweather fight with Manny Pacquiao made the world pause as people gathered to witness history, or so we thought and of course, Mayweather kept up his end of the bargain, remaining undefeated.


Then he ‘retired’. Few months later, headlines are buzzing and it is even bigger than before, as Mayweather has “unretired” for a fight fusion against UFC Lightweight Champion, Conor McGregor. The date is June 10, 2017 and this fight is set to be the Money Maker of all Time, as their named prices are 100 million dollars each.

This is the first time that two people from different fighting fields are going to come together to, well, fight.
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The weapon of choice: boxing gloves.

UFC entails everything from boxing to mixed martial art so the notorious Irishman, McGregor is better vast. However, Mayweather is more successful in boxing. Does the lightweight champ have a chance against the boxer?


The reason for this fight is varying but some say it is a clever way for Mayweather to make his record of 49 wins and no defeat more substantial since he currently shares that with the legendary Rocky Marciano.

Also, UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping recently made a staggering claim that Mayweather may not be in the secure financial position he has claimed to be, despite having a reported net worth of $650 million ($859 million AUD).

“I was talking to someone in Las Vegas and I heard that Floyd recently got scammed out of a lot of money,” Bisping said on his show, The Countdown.

“The number was very, very big. I don’t think Floyd needs the money, but he wants to replace this money that he got swindled out of.”

Let’s hope that Mayweather takes all these for granted, as he has been seen eating McDonalds and clubbing even after the announcement, going against his ‘hard work, dedication’ mantra. He may have assumed victory and relaxed on his training, which might be a fatal move.

This is the most unpredicted fight fusion since ever. Let the countdown begin “56 days to go”.

Written by Nkem Ikeh

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