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These are three difficult items to fashionable pull off and it seems like a lot to handle but when you find the ones worth it, then you can never go back. Obviously, all three will not go together but ‘high heeled shoe’ is the connecting item. Below, you will find it worthwhile having prints, Jacquards and heels. It is a must-have.


Prints are difficult to combine, especially since they are already as busy as it gets. Have in mind that to really have the perfect print outfit, don’t mix a lot of printed patterns together unless you are trying to hypnotise the people you come in contact with. Here are a few combinations and prints that you can get for your wardrobe. Keep in mind your body type, so you don’t choose prints that do not complement that.




This are really hard to recognise as jacquards (if you even ever remember the word), plus people already put it under the print family, but its patterns are classic and gives you a different look. This is taking patterns to a whole new level. Get classy dresses, skirts and even shirts in Jacquard, never a regret.




Heels are just fashion items every girl must have. However, make sure you get heels you are comfortable enough with.  I mean you don’t have to dance in them comfortably like Queen Bey, but look confident and sophisticated at least. Take into consideration the occasion and choose heels to fit. Here are a few:



Image source: cdna.lysit.com, closetlondon.com, huffingtonpost.com, lyst.com, pinterest.com:

Written by Patrick Eromosele

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