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Every girl wants to look good. You want to slay and look irresistible at that owambe. And if it is not even for that owambe, it is good to always look good. It helps your confidence. However, because you are rushing and already late, you are prone to either poorly apply your makeup or decline using any makeup at all. Like seriously, you don’t want to be in this situation. As we all know, very few girls go out without makeup. It is a must. So for all our good, plus the guys who always complain that we waste their time applying our makeup, here are time-saving makeup tips:


Clear your makeup table
If you are a makeup freak, you should have a table dedicated strictly to makeup. No other products should find its way there. But if you don’t have one, don’t forget to neatly arrange the table so that it won’t take time to your makeup items. By the way, your makeup items should be in a kit.

Start with the eyes
Anytime you want to apply makeup, you should always start with your eyes, especially your eye brows. This usually takes so much time so it is advisable to get it over with. Also, beginning with the eyes will prevent specks of powder from falling on your foundation, thus ruining it. You may waste a bit of time to touch-up again. Henceforth, start with the eyes.

Multitasking products

When buying any makeup products, go for the ones that can perform two or three functions in a swoop. You don’t need to keep dropping/picking or searching for anything. So, purchase lip stain that doubles as mascara, blusher and also have spaces for powder and foundation.


Prime before foundation

No, priming doesn’t waste time. It is quick to apply. After this, you can now apply your foundation. Your makeup is smoother and will last for the whole day. Doing this will stop you from intermittently retouching which many ladies do.

Act natural

If you are rushing, you should apply shades or tones that are close to natural colours. Using bright shade colours will really take your time.

Written by Camilla Faustino

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