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In Nigeria, almost everyone is using a mobile phone, whether it is a smartphone or not. However, a phenomenon that is now common among Nigerians is the use of two phones. Why do you have to use two phones when a phone can do everything you want? Is it because we are Nigerians? Probably.

two phones

Nevertheless, see why you might need two phones, rather than one if you are resident in the giant of Africa.

Poor network connections

There are about four mobile service providers in Nigeria. Sometimes, their services are unstable and unavailable. Since you have more than one phone, you can easily switch from one network to another.

For cheaper mobile calls

You may regret it if you use the yellow network to call the red network. They are not friends! So, they make every attempt to remove all your money. This is even easier, as phone brands now have double sims. If you are using two phones, you will have all the four Nigerian networks. It makes all your calls cheaper, as you can call green for green, red for red…

Always have a backup

An extra phone’s main job is for backup. The backup phone is usually cheap and affordable. It is the one you use in making calls and where nearly all your contacts are saved. Meanwhile, your main phone is just to chat and surf the internet. So, the backup is important.

two phones1

Keep work and home life separate

Having two phones can significantly help keep your work and home life separate. You can give anyone your work phone number while very few people will have your personal number including family members and loved ones. It makes sure that when you are home, you are not disturbed by the incessant ringing of your work phone. If you like, you can switch off your work phone.


Your battery may run out because you won’t allow it to rest. You keep surfing and surfing until your battery goes flat. There may be no power for you to charge your phone. But you don’t have to worry yourself if you have two phones.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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