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It doesn’t get much more iconic than a great pair of jeans, which makes sense: they’ve been a staple of pretty much every guy’s wardrobe for more than a century.


Thing is, what makes a pair of jeans great is different from everyone. Maybe you’re looking for a go-to-pair for the office. Maybe you’ve got a traditional streak and want something that pays homage denim’s golden age. Or maybe you just want to look cool. When it comes to jeans, your mileage may vary and that’s where we come in. Whatever you’re looking for and whatever you’re into, we have broken the four key jean fits for 2017.

Read on to find the right one for you:



If you are looking to channel the timeless style of guys like Steve Mcqueen, taking a page from the era of their denim wouldn’t be bad for a try. Wearing a slighly slimmed-down straight cut with little more room in the hips and thighs, but not so much that it bags out from the body, is right for you. The width at the knee should be just around the same as the width at the ankle. And if you really want to stay on theme, a cuff – all the better to show off the selvage lines on your raw denim – is the way to go.



In need of a great pair that you are sure will fit in at your (not-too-dressy)office? Going with the modern standard that works for pretty much everyday body type and situation works better in this case; the slim fit. Well-tailored but not tight is the name of the game here. The jeans should be trim through the hips and thighs and skin your knees and calves without strangling them. (if you can see your muscles flex, you’ve gone too far). A narrower hem sits nicely on top of everything from minimal sneakers to classic dress shoes.



From Joey Ramone to Hedi Slimane, Skinny jeans have always been steeped in rebel cool. The key here is going super slim but not legging- level skin tight . Look for a pair that hugs your frame from the Hips all the way down to the leg opening. Feel free to go with a longer inseam if you want the leg to stack on your footwear (chelsea boots or classic chucks are easy go-tos), or shoot for something a little shorter to keep the lines nice and clean.



Right now, one of the most forward-thinking moves you can make is to look to the past when it comes to fit. Think denim in its mid -90s heyday, just tweaked for the modern age. The cots are loose though the hips and thighs, but avoild falling into das-jean territory with a cropped and tappered fit. You’ll either want to hem or roll to get the right length. You could even cutthem off to a raw hem right above the ankle, depending on how DIY you’re feeling.

Picture source: Baldwin, Jcrew, Banana Repulic and Gap.

Written by: Eromosele patrick Eidusi

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