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Whoa! Social media is way more powerful than people think.

If you are still not taking social media seriously by now, then you are on your own.

ibadan bae challenge (3)

So remember the lady who returned money spent on a date with a guy and tweeted it? Yeah, her life has turned around for good after that one incident.

This girl either prays very well or the heavens simply smiled on her, as the twitter rants on her issue got loud enough for brands to take advantage of.

Many banks tweeted in support of the girl’s actions, but some went beyond that to giving her gifts and deals.

IMG-20170330-WA0012 (2)

What we hear is that one of the banks returned the N5,000 she sent to the guy for the date, as well as endorsed her as a woman representative.

Other brands started dashing her freebies, including free weaves, furniture, among others.

IMG-20170330-WA0011 (2)

I am sure she did not expect this kind of life-changing result from her instantaneous clap back at someone who tried to rubbish her.

IMG-20170330-WA0013 (2)

He has since tweeted his apology on the issue though.

But it is more apparent than ever now, how the internet has been changing lives.

We remember how Olajumoke Orisaguna’s life changed from bread seller to model, via one Instagram post by TY Bello.

Beyond this, we have seen how random people have become famous and are even now celebrities, simply by tweeting or posting funny memes on social media.

The likes of Twyse, Chief Obi, Mama Tobi, among others can testify to this.

Some people run purely online retail stores, without owning a physical store and they have made it big.

So if you are still of the opinion that the social media is a waste of time, then welcome to the 21st century, where virtually anything, can change your life in an instant.

Nothing is too weird or too crappy to adopt into a source of income in this age, especially with the use of social media.

Written by Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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