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The coming of smartphones has changed a lot of things. This is very good. Like they say, everything that has an advantage also has its disadvantages. Hence, the arrival of smartphones has made other things redundant. Read on to relate with the functions your smartphone has replaced:

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Your wrist watch

Perhaps the first thing that your smartphone has made very irrelevant is your wrist watch. Today, it is only worn as a fashion accessory rather than for the purpose for time checking.

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Telephone Booth

Since the liquidation of Nigeria Telecommunications Limited (NITEL), telephone boxes have become a relic to remember the days when Nigerians used to queue to make calls.

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Who even checks a physical calendar. You would have checked your phone for the date before you remember there is a calendar on your table. Also, fewer companies are printing calendars presently.

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Is it manual or scientific calculator you want? Your phone can provide that function.

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There are some phone cameras whose megapixel is far better than your ordinary camera. In addition, it is seamless and anyone can use it. This is same for video.

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Alarm clock

Please who still uses all those old skool alarm clocks when your phone can be your alarm? Such a person must still live in the 1970’s or 80’s.

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Photo Album

All those huge albums at home have been made useless by your phone gallery. This is because you mostly use your phone to take pictures and it is automatically saved on your phone.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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