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Some Nigerian girls want friends. A lot of friends. Friends which, for the most part, are for ulterior motives. Each one of these friends has particular function or duty they perform. Fortunately or unfortunately, it is the male folks they often use to achieve this mission. Let’s expose these girls and tell you the types of friends they keep. Guy, which one are you?

—The Comedian


Awwwn… He is so funny. I just love the way he makes me laugh whenever I am stressed or tired. He really tickles me. What she likes about you is your sense of humour and the only time she remembers you is when she wants to laugh. Beyond that, you are on your own.

—The money spenders


These are the friends that meet her daily needs. It is not just one person. They have several of them so that if one disappoints, the others won’t. If they do not have several, that means the pocket of their boyfriend must be very deep. They never date broke guys.

—The Efiwes


When the exam is approaching, it is the efiwes who read on their behalf. They ensure that few weeks to the exam, they start courting him, buying him food, and dashing him money. Some Efiwes don’t mind teaching them in the exam hall as far as they are paid. Others simply flee. The efiwes are intelligent, cerebral guys.

The emotional advisors


When they have fights with their boyfriends or they are emotionally down, they call on the emotional advisor to find succour and comfort. He is very romantic with words and knows how to treat a woman. He makes her feel good or loved. After she has overcome her emotional trauma, you won’t hear from her until she is down again.

The husband material


To the husband material, they are saints. They can never do anything wrong to damage their relationship with them. Hence they try as much as possible to hide their escapades from him. After all, they want to get married some day.

Written By Damilola Faustino
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