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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Fashion is much more than the things you wear, it is also about the things you accessorise with and the one item that is always on you is your smartphone, isn’t it? So why not make it just as fashionable as your outfit in these 5 cheap ways?


  1. Phone case

There are the most fashionable customized phone cases now. From Burberry to Louis Vuitton, you can make your phone cases come in any designers’ design you want. You can also choose a fashion icon or character to cover your phone, like one of the characters from your favourite cartoon game or something. Ebukarr on Instagram can hook you up with that.

  1. Your wallpaper

Now, when a person picks up your phone and turns it on, the first thing they see has a way to describing whom you are. So if you are fashionable and your wallpaper does not speak all things fashion, well, how do you prove that your outfit isn’t just some style you copied off something or someone? So download the cutest, most fashionable wallpapers from your iStore or Playstore and be fashionable inside and outside your phone.

  1. Your apps

Now, the best way to be fashionable with your apps is to download a fashion related theme. There are great ones in Playstore. Google it.

  1. Phone charms

No fashionable person speaks fashion more than phone charms. They up your fashion game in seconds, and they are even good for making you less bored when you are in a boring place. So go shopping for the cheapest cutest phone charms. The best part is that they are cheap and you can buy different colours to match your outfit everyday.

So get shopping and take a picture of your phone once it is fashionable and upload to your social media platforms and tag us.

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