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Finding the perfect lipstick shade is no easy task, especially to suit the subtleties of skin tone, serve a variety of occasions, and work with every possible beauty look. There are so many shades to pick from but there are five essential shades every woman must own:

Pure Blood Red

red lips

Of course this would be number one on the list. Nothing is more classic than a red lip. the act of applying red lipstick is empowering. By dressing your lips in red, it draws people’s attention to you, especially your mouth, and subsequently, The words that come out of it. ‘It’s a symbol of prowess,’ It’s a definite must have.



A “Lippish” Pink

A natural shade of lipstick is a must-have in any beauty arsenal. ” A flattering shade that would look natural with both light and dark skin tones. Even if you’re opting for a no-makeup makeup look, a subtle almost lip-skin color helps you look groomed and expensive.


A Deep Red

A dark red never fails to bring drama to a look. Deep red lipstick was poppin’ when Brandy wore it back in the ‘90s, and it hasn’t lost its allure in the decades since. Brown is a sh



A subdued coral or peach shade brings life to a lip with natural subtlety.  It really works in photos and life. You can dab onto darker skin tones to brighten and apply it fully to lighter skins for a bright lift.”

By: Dammy Eneli

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