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Running out of makeup products

during self-isolation, don’t you worry.

These 4 must-have MAGICAL makeup tools

will surely come in handy!

If your products are running low

and you want to buy some time before replacing

scroll for more info.

On This Episode Of BEAUTY DIY

I’ve put together beauty products that have

actually been tried and tested by me

and can all be purchased on a budget.


For when your  Pot of gel eyeliner finishes

Kajal is used as a waterline eye makeup in both upper and lower eyelids whereas eyeliner is used as an eyelid makeup to define both the outside of upper and lower eyelids.

But when life gives you lemons and you need a quick fix,

Go for Kajal.


Kajal is dark enough to do the trick and if I’m not mistaken,

these babies are still being sold for N100 at your nearest mallam.

winged eyeliner

There’s the Chalk Kajal

and the one with the thin tiny tip (the liquid one)

and they also come in different colours.

Old Mascara Brush


To be used as spooly for brows

Old mascara could also be used as an eyelash curler

depending on the wand-style

Sis, I’m not done!

When your mascara finishes…

Dip the wand in some makeup cleanser fluid

Accelerate Fashion Share Their Fav Make Up Removers

This adds some fluid to the brush and helps bring out the liquid darkness of your old mascara.

But! This trick may only work once or twice.

Eye pencil 

Brown eye pencil can be used instead of lip liner


And for dry empty lipsticks

just because you cannot twist up the lipstick doesn’t mean you should throw it away, there are remnants that can come in handy on a rainy day.


Find an earbud or the back of a thin brush

to scoop the remaining contents and apply to your heart’s content.

Hair Wax

instead of brow gel for eyebrow to keep them in place after shaping them, use a bit of edge control.

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Coconut oil or vaseline

(for stubborn eye makeup)

if your astringent is finished rub some oil or petroleum jelly onto a cloth and wide across the area you want to clean.

This makes it easier to take off stubborn makeup.

petroleum jelly



with wipes as your daily makeup cleaner /astringent

These Beauty DIYs will show you what and how to substitute 

when you run out of the actual items you require.

Please remember to use sparingly and mostly only when you run out of product.

(I don’t want you to get too used to using the wrong items for the right purposes.)