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Sometimes you see people doing things like donating to charities, supporting a cause, adopting a child, etc and sometimes you commend them and move on. But, hardly do we think about the effect these little acts of kindness have on the recipients. The effects are tremendous. Wondering why you should invest in any charity? Here’s why:

  1. Giving back: There is an innate desire in all of us to do good; and supporting charities is a powerful way to give back to society. There are lots of third sector organizations that are active in a vast spectrum of activities from providing services, forming the basic for community self-help initiatives or campaigning on public issues. Find one you are passionate about and support them in whatever way you can.
  2. Aid in emergencies: In times of emergency, war and strife, people turn to charities for help, succor and assistance. These charities cannot have enough supplies to reach a large number of people if well-meaning individuals do not support their noble work. So be sure that when you support a charitable organizations you are in turn helping people in need.
  3. Together we can make a difference: Charities alone cannot do this noble work of lending a helping hand to those in need, hence we have to support them in whatever way we can to create a better world which we all deserve. Don’t forget that support to charities is not restricted to money alone, it also entails volunteering, provision of free or subsidized products and services to these change agents of our world.
  4. Catalyst for change: The task of creating social impact in our society begins the good works that charitable organizations carry out which in turn creates a ripple effect of giving amongst individuals which in turn empowers people within the community to create long lasting social change.

So if you still harbor any doubts about supporting a charity, simply visit www.actfoundation.org and witness the results of the efforts of charities across the world.

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