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By Damilola Faustino

Thank God President Muhammadu Buhari is back in the country after spending 103 days on medical leave in London. The Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo held the mantle of leadership while PMB was away. Osinbajo must be commended for his efforts in running the country while his boss was away. However, there will expectedly, be so much on the table of PMB as he hopefully resumes today. But most prominent on that list, will be these four pressing matters that we hope the President will immediately address:

ASUU Strike

Like a child’s play, the Academic Staff Union of University strike started last week Monday and many believe that it will be resolved with immediate alacrity to allow students return to class. This is not the case as there is no amicable solution in sight. Sadly, PMB did not address the strike in his Presidential broadcast this morning. In fact, it seems like it is going to run for its usual 3 months. We pray not. Hence, PMB should quickly call ASUU and reach an agreement.

The Boko Haram Resurgence

There is no gainsaying that Boko Haram has gained momentum since PMB left. BH has returned to the headline with frequent news of bombing soft targets. And of course, this has killed an unspecified number of innocent Nigerians. According to reports, at least 170 people have been killed by BH since June 1. There was little or no difference even when Osinbajo ordered the service chiefs to return to Maiduguri the heartbeat of BH. We do not know why the momentum was halted or slowed. With PMB returning, the fight should be picked up again.

Secessionist group/Hate speeches

The North ordered Igbos to leave the North on October 1st (this order has been rescinded), in the West, some unknown group is calling for Oduduwa republic while in the East, the call for Biafra is holding sway. Secessionist groups are springing up all over the country. This is in addition to hate speeches calling for the breakup of the country. It is very important to nip this in the bud before the country is plunged into serious crises.


The fight against corruption is dead. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission became a lame duck because their boss was not around which is not supposed to be. Whether the boss is around or not, the fight should continue aggressively.

Welcome back, Mr President!

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