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Having a great one on one with your manager is like a secret recipe for success and happiness at work. If you’re not, you could find yourself in the unemployment line. But the problem is no one shows you how to have an awesome one on one meeting with your boss, but we will. Here’s how to have the best one on one meetings with your manager:

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Start by sending an invite to your boss

If you’ve had a boss who did regular, high-quality One on One meetings with employees then you know how important these meetings are. Because they keep everyone on track and moving forward. They ensure that priorities are aligned and they build better relationships.
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But what do you do if your boss doesn’t have regular one on ones with you? You can sit back and hope for the best or you can take control of your destiny and ask. That’s why the first tip is to not miss out on one on ones by sending your boss an email invite.

Do not come unprepared

Weekly one on ones are your best communication channel with your boss. They are a place to solve your problems and advance your career. But coming unprepared sends a bad signal to your boss and is going to choke your career. The key is knowing what you need to prepare. These are the items that you need to be prepared to discuss with your boss: status update on what you’ve done in the last week, your plan for the week ahead and your growth.

Know the questions to ask

Communication is a two-way channel, your meeting with your boss isn’t just a chance to tell your boss what you’ve been up to. It’s also your opportunity to find out what you need to know from your boss. The challenge is that not every boss knows what they should tell you. Whether or not you have a good boss or a bad boss, make your one on one meetings with your boss work for you by asking the right questions. One of the most important things to find out from your boss is feedback on what your boss thinks you should be doing.

Follow up and keep at it 

A single one on one meeting isn’t going to fix everything, the magic comes from following up and keeping up the practice. Write things down in the meeting because your boss wants to know that they’ve been heard and that you will do what you said you would. This is what builds trust. Writing things down on your one on one form isn’t just a good way to make sure you don’t forget what you said you would do, because if things go bad, it’s also an important record.

By Damilola Faustino

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