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So you checked the scale and it looks like you’ve started to gain weight. Don’t panic, you can still fix this. And don’t you dare think about starving yourself cause that’s not the way to fix it. The five tips we’ve given below will help you lose weight and not gain any further weight while you’re at home during this lockdown period.



Exercising isn’t about pushing it too hard. It’s about fun! Enjoy any physical activity you do. To kill the monotony, you should add variation to your fitness routine, and make sure that you exercise daily for at least an hour. If your schedule is hectic then you can try and walk as much as you can, go by stairs or stretch while sitting at work. Excercise is the best way to lose weight.

Drink a lot of water

Water is essential for the functioning of our body, it flushes out toxins and waste from the body, and carries nutrients and oxygen around the body. Your body loses water via urine, perspiration, and breathing. Thus, it is important to replenish the water intake. Drink water as much as you can but avoid overhydration.

Practice Yoga and Meditation

Relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation can help you stay calm and composed. It can help you de-stress and stay in shape and lose weight. Do it on a daily basis. It will also help you get rid of negativity and develop an optimistic approach to life.

yoga hobby for weight loss

Eat right 

Include all the essential nutrients in your diet. Increase your fiber intake, eat berries, oranges, whole grains, nuts and seeds, beans, and vegetables. Eating fiber-rich foods can help reduce inflammation and blood sugar levels. Furthermore, they can help you lose weight, beat constipation, and regulate bowel movements. Avoid sugary foods and drinks. Do not skip your meals and avoid sticking to weight cycling or yo-yo diet.

Get a sound sleep

Lack of sleep can raise your risk of weight gain, depression, or heart disease. It will also lead to a lack of concentration and memory-related problems. So, set a proper sleep schedule. Avoid watching television or drinking caffeinated beverages before sleeping as doing so can rob your sleep.

By: Dammy Eneli

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