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Let’s face it- there’s not a terrible lot of action shows on TV right now. Everything seems to be set in an office or a courtroom or high school. And don’t get us wrong- usually, we’re more than happy with that. But sometimes, you want to get your blood pumping. Explosions, punches, car chases, shoot outs- you just want a steady hour of non-stop action. So we’ve put together 5 shows, all rounded up and with a minimum of at least 4 juicy seasons for your ultimate binging pleasure, for you to enjoy when you’re in the mood for some manly man action.

  1. Strike Back


‘This poster literally oozes testosterone’

This great show, that ended just last year, is based on novel written by former British SAS Chris Ryan. The show is focused on the exploits of two ex-military men, who took it upon themselves to right wrongs around the world. Just look at the poster- you can already tell this is a real heart stopper.

  1. Banshee

Untitled 2

‘Confession: Didn’t watch this for ages cos I was scared it was about a witch…’

This show literally just ended and we’re still trying to figure out what life means now that it’s gone. The show centered around ex-con, Hood, who assumes the identity of the town sheriff in Banshee. Though it didn’t take him long to resume his criminal activities in the town, he always did right by the people of Banshee (cos yes, the show is named after a town and not, as we initially thought, a mad screaming witch).  

  1. Nikita

Untitled 3

‘Yes, that red on the wall is indeed the blood of her enemies’

Girl action! This self titled show, is based on the life of Nikita, a former Government assassin. She discovers that she has been lied to and manipulated all her life and she decides to expose and destroy those responsible. LOVE this show because despite it’s occasionally iffy narrative and wildly unbelievable plots, it has a wonderfully strong female lead who kicks butt just as hard as the boys.

  1. Prison Break

Untitled 4   ‘Season 1 of this show? BEST. THING. EVER.’   

This show was so good, we want to watch it over and over again and maybe we will. It is based on the life of two brothers: Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows. Lincoln is framed for the death of the Vice President and sent to jail to be executed. Michael knows he is innocent and he formulates an EPIC plan to break him out of prison.

  1. 24

Untitled 5‘Jack Bauer: The man who can go 24 straight hours… and not pee once.’             

This is hands down the best action show ever. Full disclosure: after watching just first three episodes of this show, you physically will not be able to leave your couch until the end of season 9. Quite frankly, we envy people that have not had the pleasure of watching this master piece cos that means they get to have their MINDS BLOWN (LITERALLY). 24 is focused on counterterrorism agent Jack Bauer as he kicks bad guys butts in exactly 24 hours. Cos when you’re on the level of epicness Jack is on, all it takes is just one day.

And there you have it- 5 action shows you should binge watch this month. Is there anyone we missed out?

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