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By Tunde Adediran

Releasing 20 track albums

If your name is not Michael Jackson or Beyoncé, let me just say this, you have no business releasing an album with 20-something songs. It’s 2018 and the attention span of the average listener is now short because of the easy access to music. Ain’t nobody gonna listen to an album with 2 good singles, 3 remixes and 14 fillers. Quality over quantity, please fix up you numbers.

Instagram Competitions and Money Giveaways

Don Jazzy laid the blueprint for this and has since moved on. In today’s internet space, there are better ways to gain followers. Why waste money you can use for promotion to do giveaways when the ‘fans’ won’t even download the song? Or make people dance on Instagram to win money even though they’ll never listen to that song again. Riddle me this, how often do you download a song you see on an Instagram dance competition that comes on your feed? Why don’t you use the money and pay music influencers to do proper plugs of the music and talk about it on music platforms? Na wah oh!

Buying views

This one is totally ridiculous, and as our parents say in Naija, you are just doing yourself. Instead of trying to organically grow your fan base, why put up an illusion that x amount of people are into your music when they are not? Don’t be pressured into buying views or followers to impress people. Put your energy into the people supporting you and grow your core. 5,000 solid fans are better than 500,000 followers (where only 1000 are real).

Not Embracing change

In case you don’t know, dear Nigerian artiste, the year is 2018, music consumption and promotion are different now. It’s not just enough for you to release your song and put it on Accelerate TV, Notjustok or Tooxclusive and other blogs alone. The truth is the blog era is dying. If your music is not easily accessible, people move on to the next person. It is necessary for your songs to be on all music streaming services. As the business aspect of music evolves, evolve with it, biko.

Following music trends

Last year it was the ‘pon pon’ sound, this year the ‘shaku shaku’ sound has dominated the airwaves with your favourite Nigerian artiste trying to jump on the wave. Whatever time you’re reading this, best be sure a Nigerian artist somewhere is in the studio telling the producer ‘give me that shaku shaku beat’. Whatever happened to being original? Evolve, yes…….but stick to what you believe in.

 Do you know any other things Nigerian artistes should stop doing? Share in the comments section below.

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