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Unarguably the greatest musician Nigeria has ever produced, Fela was a true revolutionary. He was a musician, human rights activist, composer and the founder of the Afrobeat music genre. Fela was born 15th October 1938 and would have been 80 years old today.Fela KutiFela’s was nothing short of iconic and his music still lives on till today. here’s a list of musicians that have used his name in the lyrics of their songs.


1. ‘Energy (Stay Far Away)’ by Skepta ft Wizkid

Give them the Shaku when I dance with the devil/ Young Fela Kuti, the return of the rebel

Skepta’s reference to Fela on this song is a nod to the rebellious side of Fela. Fela was a known activist and constantly spoke against the government of Nigeria


2. Americans by Casper Nyovest

Even if they don’t, do you and you’re a made man

Africa already produced a bunch of great men

Fela Kuti, Lucky Dube, I can name them

Mandela, Steve Biko, a bunch of brave men

Cassper Nyovest pays homage to Fela and categorises him with some other great African men


3. Streets of Africa – Burna Boy

I’m Fela Kuti with the hoes

Shirt off like I ain’t got no clothes

Cause where I’m from there ain’t no snow

In 1978, Fela married 27 women, many of whom were his dancers, composers, and singers, so Burna boy is referencing the fact that he has lots of women like Fela



My Nigerian niggas would call you Pu**y

My Somali niggas are quick to grab the uzi

Around here we only bumpin’ Fela Kuti

2Pac, or Bob Marley, Lucky Dube

K’naan is letting you know what most africans around him listen to

5 Fela Kuti – Wyclef

The voodoo is working on me

Dance like Fela Kuti

Afrobeat was a popular genre and was popularised by the live stage shows and the women that danced on stage with Fela.

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