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Written By Damilola Faustino

There are certain things we do that are gradually and slowly ruining our relationships. Some of these things that we do may be unconscious but they are harmful all the same. Unknown to us, these habits are having a negative impact on our love life. If you see yourself engaging in any of these things, you should call yourself to order before it is too late:

Over-relying on digital devices

Today, we rely heavily on digital devices to lubricae our relationships. Some people think it is enough to call and chat without actually creating time to see each other. Even when we go offline, we are perpetually distracted by the incoming notifications on our devices. Just leave your phone when you are on a date.

Not knowing how to talk to each other

Texts and chat messages cannot replace genuine interaction. Emotional connections do not fit into these abbreviated conversations on our mobile phones. Often times than not, we are misunderstood, thus creating hurtful feelings and conflicts that could have been avoided if real conversations happened.

Always looking for something new

This is when we are always pointing out what is wrong with our partners. The really sad thing about this is that you have a foot out of the door which means that you never really knew what the relationship all about. You should have it at the back of your mind that it is a different experience when two people are deeply engaged in making something work together.

Comparing your relationship with what you see on social media

Social media is now part of our life. We see the blissful and smooth relationships on social media and we desire our relationships to look that way. Know that some of what you see on social media are probably blown out of proportion. So just ignore what you see and work on your relationship.

Losing the spark

Do not lose the spark in your relationship. Try and do the little things that will fan the embers of your relationship. Taking her out, surprising her with Pizza and other awwww moments are just as important.

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