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A number of small businesses still aren’t spending enough advertising cash to get good results although they know they should. One of the reasons is a limited budget, but did you know that there are some solid cheap advertising ideas out there that are more effective than you’d think? For under $50 you will advertise your business. No need for the big budget.

Business cards

Business cards do not cost too much today. You can get 100 business cards for well under $50. As far as the design goes, you can use a template or create your own. If you’re designing your own business card remember to keep it simple. Remember to include taglines and contact info. You can also pay a small fee to local restaurants/businesses to leave your cards at the counter. Business cards fit nicely in the corners of bulletin boards at public locations.

Facebook groups

There are lots of options for advertising on Facebook. At a basic level, you may even be able to promote your business on local groups. With a budget of $50 and some good targeting, you could reach plenty of target customers. You can also make your own Facebook group. As a small business, you have the option of putting one in a buy and sell category. Another quick tip to make your advertising dollars go further. Having theme days for your Facebook group will attract people.

Email marketing

Conduct an email marketing campaign. There are many great low-cost tools, like MailChimp, that will allow you to send professionally crafted emails. You can even track open rates, clicks on links and visibility to those who unsubscribe.” Email marketing works best when it’s regular and consistent. If you’ve got first names on your list, those are great to add to personalize the emails you send.


Visual like infographics are effective ways to advertise. Small businesses should really give these a close look. Consider almost all of the info our brains receive is visual. It’s a good idea to start by introducing your message with a brief summary.

Social Media Ads

For $30, you can reach thousands of prospects. However, you need to outline a goal before you start. Facebook and Instagram are two of the best places to get going. You’ll find that each social media platform has a metric you can use to gauge its effectiveness. Google AdWords uses a Quality Score. Facebook uses a Relevance Score. The Facebook version is pretty simple to use. A score of one tells you your ad isn’t doing well. The higher numbers tell you the opposite.

By Damilola Faustino

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