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Being in a relationship comes with a lot of perks and lovers always make all sorts of promises to ensure that stay together and are faithful to one another. Unfortunately, relationships are cut short in their prime. So, why do promising relationships fail? We share some reasons:

heart break

Not making your relationship a priority

Two persons who have agreed to date are required to groom their relationship because it will go off the curve if nothing is done to nurture it. Hence both lovers have to be committed, unselfish and ready to make a lot of sacrifices. Without these things, the relationship is going nowhere. Sooner rather than later, one of the parties will call it quit.

Trust Issues

Trust should be sacred in anything relationship. It should be the rule that everyone lives by. But, in most relationships, there is a complete lack or absence of trust. And once if this key element of a relationship is absent, their relationship will be littered with fights, doubts and suspicion. Try as much as possible to build trust in your relationship and ensure that you do not breach it.

Absence of communication

Certain Promising relationships fail because they do not talk, interact or communicate. They leave so many things unsaid which can leave one of the lovers sulking. No matter how busy you may be, ensure that you communicate with your lover. Importantly, how you communicate your feeling, pain and anguish are pertinent so that you won’t come off as rude.

Outbursts and rage

Arguments are an important part of every relationship as far as they get resolved. But enraged screaming at a partner can do severe damage to the relationships. So, those who fail to handle the stress and fight with their loved ones, they are ruining the relationships.
Every good relationship requires love and care!

Give your partner space

Nobody likes to be choked in a relationship. This is why you should give your partner space if you really want your love life to thrive. Do not get angry when they are with their friends, do not isolate them from family and friends and do not get angry when they do not reply to your messages. Just give them space for them to miss you.

By Damilola Faustino

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