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There’s a saying, that a cocktail is the answer… never mind the question. And so let us look at 5 delightful ways in which cocktails are good for your health. Hopefully you will feel no guilt when you shoot down a couple this weekend.

1. Vitamin C

 Instead of shooting Tequila shots, or raw servings of liquor, how about feast on the citrus burst of vitamin C that come with the lime and lemons in your cocktail? Whether its freshly squeezed orange juice, lemon slices or cut up limes, cocktails are sure to bring you a healthy dose of Vitamin C.

2. Medicine In Mixers

You know how you would probably not just drink Tonic water because it is bitter and filled with quinine? Well in your cocktails containing Tonic, you are improving your health because quinine is a natural remedy that helps to prevent Malaria.

3. Spirits have medicine too


Spirit under review…GIN. Gin contains juniper berries, angelica root, rosemary, citrus peel, nutmeg, sage, lemon-grass etc. So automatically that’s a diverse range of health benefits stored in each ingredient. Juniper berries alone have been claimed to help to combat infection.

4. The Experience Of Consumption

You can’t be in the mood every single time for the burning sensation you get from doing shots or taking sips of liquor, and that’s where cocktails also count as winners. The smooth experience from sipping or even gulping down a well crafted mix is the relaxing feel you need as you kick back and have a conversation or do whatever fun stuff you could be doing with a Mojito in your hand.
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5. Stress is too much

Remember, this is a cocktail we are talking about. The one relaxing element that puts your weekend in perspective on a Friday night after you have spent a long long week dodging life’s anxieties thrown at your face. So our 5th reason is not health-related of course, it is more like a survival hack!! You need to relax, you have tried this week. Please have a cocktail.

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