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By Sarah Oyedo

Horrible traffic, unbearably long hours at work, traffic again, sleep. Repeat.

Studies have shown over the years that work stress, if not properly handled, has the ability to reduce productivity as well as wreck major damage to mental health. This is why it is really important to find simple ways to relieve and unwind all those knots and kinks from work every day and not just on weekends. Here’s some few ideas if you seek inspiration on how to do just that:


Go For A Walk: I feel somebody giving the side eyes already…a walk after I’m beat from work? Like really? I know it sounds like work in its own but it’s not top on this list for nothing. Not only is walking particularly good for your health as with all exercising, it helps to also release endorphins (feel good hormones) which clear out the stress hormones and leave you feeling lighter. You can try out long stretches of road or green parks if you have in your vicinity.
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Play Music: soft and calming music, especially that of the classical genre, has particularly soothing effect and aids reduction of blood pressure as well as stress hormones. So plug in and get a humming.

Go Out On Dates Or Dinner: Closing from the office and going home to yourself especially if you live alone can make life seem dull and spiceless so planning something to look forward to is sometimes important. Treat yourself to dinner out or invite that hot date, drink a few glasses of your best wine and just tune out from work stuff to enjoy your evening.

Turn Off Your Screens: if you’re the type of person that wakes up to check your email before heading out then it may just be a good idea to turn off those screens and chill. Too much technology and screens, studies have shown, has the ability to stress you out. To de-stress after a long day of work simply pick up a book or magazine and have a quiet read.

Or Turn Them Back On And Watch Funny Videos: Well…sometimes all you just need to unwind is a lil som’n to make you laugh. When your job stresses you out during the day find a funny video or movie to watch as laughing has been known to tremendously reduce stress levels. And who knows? Maybe that memory will crack you up some a few other times at work and you’ll be happy for it.

So stop stressing out, rather, de-stress!

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