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Being a creative and innovative firm, Instagram has introduced different ideas to ensure that users visit and revisit the photo-sharing platform. One of such ideas is Instagram Stories. By now many people are now familiar with Instagram Stories. However, some users are yet to understand or fathom how to effectively use Instagram Stories to drive engagement and traction that you won’t sometimes get when you share photos.

Insta stories

Take advantage of its many features

The lineup of Instagram Stories is endless. Some of them include GIFs, polls,  and emojis among others. You can use them to tell your stories notwithstanding if it is a personal account or business account. You can use the polls to get your followers to vote. Use the GIFs to add motion and excitement to a still photo. In using the features, never forget that you need to keep it simple so as to keep your users interested.

Show behind the scenes

Go beyond the normal videos and pictures your followers are familiar with. Give them the chance to see something different by going behind the scenes. If you are hosting an event, if there is a popular figure, make an effort to interact with the figure. And if it is your personal blog and doesn’t mind giving followers a sneak peek of your life beyond the superficial, kindly go ahead….!

Tag other followers, use hashtags

An Instagram sin is failing to use hashtags. This is same for Instagram Stories. As such never forget to use the hashtag which can help you boost interaction, exposure and engagement. You should also not forget to tag other followers and locations to increase exposure,

Reshare content

If you see great content that interests you and can grab the attention of your followers, you should not hesitate to use it as your Instagram Stories. This is key because you do not have a monopoly of ideas. Importantly, do not forget to tag the owner of the content you reshared to avoid any brickbat especially if you are an influencer. Using other follower’s content will make them feel special and of course, they will be willing to engage with you.

Use ‘Swipe up’ if you have the feature

With Swipe up, the world is at your feet because you can use the feature to do countless things including adding a hyperlink to your Stories, allow your users to swipe and view your wares and screengrab a sales items item. Unfortunately, this feature is only for those that have 10,000 followers and above.

By Damilola Faustino

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