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Written By Damilola Faustino

This will be a long weekend and of course, there will be lots of partying. For those who are hosting a party whether at a club or at home, there some things that should be present for your party to pass as a great party. If they are not, you will discover that people may no longer attend your parties. So, do not disappoint your party friends and make these things available for them:

DJ with nice playlist

A Disc Jockey can make or mar a party. So, it is important you hire a professional and ensure that their playlist is on point and up-to-date. You don’t want someone that will play a 1960 song in 2017. The DJ may probably be beaten up.


You can count the number of parties where alcohol or cocktails are not available in their brands and numbers. They are always aplenty. Whether you drink or not and refuse to serve alcohol, trust your guest to find a way to smuggle it in. A party is incomplete without people downing several bottles of alcohol. Same for cocktails.

Delicious food/Small chops

If food is available, it must be very tasty and delicious. But, if you cannot cook, you should order for small chops. Ensure that it goes round so that some disgruntled individuals will not complain. But know that you cannot satisfy everyone. Notwithstanding, do not joke with good.

Space to dance

Organising an all night party means that there must be space for people to dance. As the music is booming from the speaker, there should be enough space for them to shake their body. You do not want them just sitting down and nodding their heads like Agama Lizards. This is one of the things you look out for when choosing a club.

Amazing sound system

A nice sounding speaker will bring out the sound even if the DJ is terrible. So rent a nice sound system.

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