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If you have noticed, we are have been team intercontinental these past few weeks (have you seen the delicious things they’re enjoying in Kenya!?). Why keep to the boring everyday food life? Life is short, so are your taste buds. Here are 5 Ghanaian meals you should definitely give a try:

Akotonshi (Stuffed Crab)

Let’s talk crab. Where there is ocean there are crabs!? And crab meat mixed with yummy fillings exists all over the world. Why not give this delicacy a try?

akotonshi - ghanaian food


Shoko (Ghanaian Beef and Spinach Stew)

This will definitely leave you longing for more. So much beef with a little spice and vegetable; this is a winner for me.


shoko - ghanaian food



This is a Ghanaian dish of cooked rice and beans and it is prepared by boiling the beans and rice together. A typical waakye meal usually consists of the cooked rice, and beans, stew, some spaghetti and moist garri, boiled eggs, stewed meat or stewed/fried fish, stewed wele and vegetable salad.


waakye - ghanaian food


Red Red

Red Red is a simple beans-tomato stew that is enjoyed widely throughout Ghana.


red red - ghanaian food



chichinga - ghanaian food

So what do you think of these meals? Are you taking a trip to Ghana anytime soon? Remember; you only live once and so does your taste buds. Live life! Have fun and be merry!!

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Written By Efe Ohworakpo

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