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Women love gifts. That’s a fact. But the African woman really, really, REALLY love gifts. They get excited about. And they sort of expect it. Which is why you can’t just be giving them nonsense. So if you happen to have an African woman in your life, take note- here are five gifts that no African woman wants to get:

1 ) Flowers 


Are you joking? Please say you are. Look, listen and pay attention- flowers are a number one no no. Be giving somebody work of watering and caring for plant- no thank you.

2 ) Pets



Unless that pet when you get it comes with an allowance for its up keep or a house help whose sole duty is to look after the pet, pass on the pooch as a gift.

3 ) Gift Cards



Do you see this picture above how happy this woman is? Don’t be fooled- that smile is a dirty lie? She is getting ready to lie to her boyfriend that she is happy to get a gift card. But believe us, inside, that babe is well pissed. Men, gift cards are LAZY. Don’t try it.

4 ) Kitchen Stuff 



Unless asked to get some thing specific for her this is one gift you don’t want to get her- try it and we’re pretty sure you will be sleeping on the sofa for the next couple of nights.

5 ) A Stuffed Animal



We’re not going to say much apart from this- Hey Mr. Man person. In case you didn’t realise, you are dating (what we hope is) a GROWN African Woman. So come on man, get it together.


Written by Tokyo James