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Though some jobs call for an endless combination of skills, the most sought-after employee traits are often universal. So what are these highly coveted good qualities? Check them out:

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Someone who is ambitious comes prepared to the interview and expresses lots of interest in the position. A candidate who wants to grow their career with the company can be an investment for the long term. Candidates can demonstrate ambition by listing achievements that include exceeding goals or working in a leadership position, even while at school or in a volunteer capacity.


Curiosity can leap off a Curriculum Vitae and cover letter through the inclusion of varied experiences within a person’s industry of choice. It comes through during interviews when a candidate asks intelligent questions about the client company’s background and culture, as well as the role itself. Research the industry and company before your interview so you can progress to a broader discussion.


Humility goes a long way when it comes to driving good teamwork. It’s important to celebrate as a team but also to personally take responsibility for shortcomings. The best way to demonstrate this is during an interview.


Hustle doesn’t stem from talent; it is more about effort, ethics, attitude, and passion. If you’re prepared, willing to be coached, and want to go above and beyond, then you’ve got a hustle. You understand that you can create success and have the energy to go for it.


If a candidate doesn’t have a positive and upbeat demeanor, it’s a deal-breaker. Employees want someone who has a great attitude, smile, energy, and optimism that others feel when they interact with them. Moreover, someone that when ‘stuff’ happens, they have an uncanny ability to figure out root causes, work through them with optimism, learn from the situation, and find some sort of silver lining in the experience.

By Damilola Faustino

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